Can you give me any suggestions for a short story? I have the title?

The title is “You and me are the same”

and im having trouble finding any ideas to support such a title, any suggestions?

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  • A few ideas;

    Class division- Privileged character & under-privileged character clash over the use of something that communal (like a place in a park, sporting area, club, theatre etc) with the privileged character claiming it as they’re more influential. However, something threaten to destroy it (like a development) and they set their differences aside to save something they both love. The under-privileged character is more assertive and fights harder for their goal, while the privileged has resources and contacts. They then resolve to enjoy the communal thing together. (Awww)

    Social division – Teen flick school setting. Cool character & geeky character secretly share the same passion, but the cool character is afraid to admit & out of jealously bullies the geeky one. Then the geeky one finds out and the cool character asks the geeky to help realise their dream. Eventually the cool possie find out the cool character is hanging around with a geek & the cool character finally comes clean & stands up to their possie.

    Sci-fi – Humans exploring space come across some aliens, however they seem so different that it’s impossible to communicate. People start getting scared about the aliens & what their intention may be. Eventually an interpretor builds a repoire and the strange aliens turn out not to be so different after all.

    Reversing the title – A set of identical twins are always treated the same, so they decide to show everyone how much they’re actually different! Having a ‘we’re the same, but still different’ theme, making the title be the problem that need to be resolved.

    On another note…”You and me are the same” doesn’t sound right when you say it out loud. The grammar seems wrong. Perhaps “You and Me – We’re the Same”? Plus, any story with that title..well, it does give away the ending a bit.

  • George,

    You could have it where two people are at odds with one another most of the time. One day something happens where they need each other’s support. They find that their relationship wasn’t all that hard to accept. For instance: Being cooped up in ‘let’s say’ a dried up well for a few days until help arrives. Does it arrive? They talk about their lives and each other. Finally, they figure a way to get out all on their own.

    PJ M

  • You could write the story about, two people who in a community/school or something are picked on/bullied because people think they are different. they meet and they become best friends/partners, because they are the same – suffer the same.

    dunno if that helped or gave any ideas – good luck!

    Source(s): Imagination 🙂

  • just talk about people being the same

  • you could have it about twins . they could be separted at birth and find each other later on

    good luck xx

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