Can you name some poetic devices?

For yr English i have to pick out the poetic devices but im not really sure of what they are??

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  • Enjambent is the spread of a sentence over two lines

    such as

    “I lie awake night after night

    and never get the answers right”

    then there are end-stopped lines which are when the sentence ends on the line.

    Rhythm is the beat of the poem

    Rhyme scheme such as ABAB or AABBCC, this can affect the Rhythm.

    Imagery contains things such as:

    metaphors “almond eyes”,

    similies “gold like the sun”

    personification which is giving something human qualities.

    Alliteration: lots of words with the same sound “smug slimy snails”

    Onomatopiea: The words sounding like the sound “bang” “crash” etc.

    and finally Hyperbole which is over exaggeration such as “I died laughing”

    Hope this helps, this is a great site for them all…

    Source(s): Studying poetry in collage

  • You could do a google on that and find some info — things like metaphor, allusion, symbol, alliteration, rhyme, standard forms (sonnet, haiku, etc), paradox, meter, rhythm…

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