can you reuse a negative pregnancy test?

i was talking to a lady and she told me that if you take a pregnancy test and it comes up negative , you can reuse it again until you get a positive result . i wanted to know if that is true

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  • No you can’t.

  • no u can not reuse a pregnancy test no matter what the result is. you have to use another one.

  • No, I wouldn’t rely on the result of a used test.

  • nope. not true. totally false. how do you think the pregnancy test manufacturers stay in business???

  • no. once you activate the chemicals by getting the stick wet, it’s done. you wouldn’t even be able to use it if it fell in the toilet while you were testing.

  • Nope. Just go a buy a new one. Generics work just as well.

  • No,pregnancy tests are not reusuable

  • no that is not true. pregnancy tests are not reusable.

  • No No No No No…once its used you CAN NOT use it again…

  • um NO. you can buy a new at the dollar tree.

  • most definitely not

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