Why do peope like The Hunger Games?

People say it’s ‘great’ and so ‘original’ but its not its a cheap horrible Knock off of the Amazing book called Battle Royale. I love battle royale it’s such a good book. I read the hunger games and thought it was horrible not because it copied but for numerous other reasons one is that Katniss is so dam annoying she just makes me want to push her off a cliff. Also stupid love triangle very much overused. I also have a whole list of + reasons to hate the hunger games. Yep Suzanne Collins totally got that idea from scrolling on the tv and saw footage of the invasion of Iraq that doesn’t even make sense! She probably saw Battle Royale film on tv not the damn war. Also sorry for any grammar mistakes I’m at school and don’t want to get caught and spend detention intill : (latter if she wants to keep me)with my french teacher.


@Riley lol Im a huge fan of starkid. Did you go to any of the tours? And im sorry I’ll try to be nicer next time.

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  • I hate it, but for different reasons. there’s nothing wrong with books being similar. You’re always going to find similarities between books. Every single author writing in modern times was inspired by something that came before it. There are certain tropes and archetypes that will carry on through different genres. Hunger Games is no different. And, most importantly, it’s not impossible for different people to come up with the same idea without ever having crossed paths. Really, humans fighting humans in a battle to the death isnt’ anything new and I’m sure battle royal (never saw it, don’t care) isn’t the first to come up with the idea of humans fighting humans to the death. Heck, this goes back to the roman empire! So, I have no reason to doubt where she got hte idea. She could have come up with her all her own, because ideas are a dime a dozen and many people can come up with the same idea at teh same time (just ask literary agents – they see a lot of people writing the same things and sometimes they get a lot of the same exact types of novels in their inboxes from wannabe writers).

    Lastly, why people love or hate the hunger games is a matter of opinion. No book is going to have every single reader love it or even like it. Not everyone likes Harry Potter (I hate the amateurish writing). everyone’s not going to like twilight. Everyone’s not going to like the new shiny thing that everyone’s reading and raving about. It’s subjective. I hated hunger games simply because it was bogged down in desciption. I thought the present tense prose was okay, but I thought overall the book was slow and boring. Paragraphs of description slowed down the pace when the action should have come faster. I got tired of hearing about how Katniss is killing and filleting an animal and sucking on the bones. really, I didn’t need to hear about that all through the book until the end. I didn’t care for the characters. I didn’t care for the supposed romance. Though, I did like Peeta. As you can probably tell, I read the first book and don’t plan to read the rest of the series.

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  • Because all people are different and have different opinions about things.

    I liked The Hunger Games but I’ve never read Battle Royal. Though even if I did, I don’t mind when two books are similar, then I have the opportunity to relive a story I really enjoyed only in a different way.

    Honestly, it’s fine you didn’t like it, but this isn’t really a question as much as it is a rant. No one cares who likes it and who doesn’t, it’s a book, everyone is bound to have an opinion about it.

  • I have mixed feelings about the hunger games.The books are ok not something that I would like to read again but there fine for a short read. As far as the Invasion of Iraq on the tv I get why you think it doesn’t make sense because well it doesn’t really she might have read or seen Battle Royale but we won’t ever know that.

  • almost all stories (be it novels or short stories) follow a basic framework. none of these are original. but it is always up to the author how to recreate these frameworks to one that will catch the readers attention. also, there are millions and billions of books out there and not everyone likes each of them. there is something called “Choice”. it might be your choice not to like hunger games but then again, that is you. we on the other hand, love the books in the series. yes, hunger games is a bit like Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale but then Harry Potter books are very much like the the Chronicles of the Chrestomanci by Dianne Wynne Jones written decades before Harry was born! 🙂

  • I agree with you! It’s so freaking stupid and over rated. I love Battle Royale though such a good book that should get more credit. And lol about pushing Katniss of a cliff xD

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  • Exactly.

    It’s all over-used.

    But she brought it back to life by taking the murder, betrayal, and EVERYTHING, back with style.

    It’s so awesome.

    The real question is why you’re being mean about like the best series ever. And why you DON’T like the hunger games!!!

  • I think because it’s a different type of movie. A lot of horrible movies been released lately and Hunger Games was interesting. I enjoyed the movie.

  • because hunger games has an amazing mix of love action and fighting scenes. Its story line differs from that of battle royale and is is my opinon better

    Source(s): i read both books

  • Because, they don’t know any better.



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