What are some secrets to writing a good novel?

I am currently typing up a murder mystery, and sometimes I seem to run out of ideas. I am struggling to make it longer than pages. Does anyone have any tips on how I can make it longer? Or any tips at all?

I think it is going to have chapters. Gracias…

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  • Here’s a website that might help you out:


  • What I usually do when I’m unsure on how to elongate something and give it more meat, I usually list the basics and then go back and layer it in between. For example, you could write that a man walked into his house and was unexpectedly slaughtered by a shadowed figure, and then go back and add a few paragraphs before and after that event. Start by explaining what the man was doing before his death, was he suspicious, paranoid, did he hear something while taking off his shoes, was he convinced it was his imagination making the monster, etc. And then you could explain how the murderer exits the scene. Does he glance back at the victim’s lifeless body? What does his physical language suggest? Is he guilty, or satisfied? Was it an act of pressure or revenge? Does he linger or disappear on the spot?

    I’m not saying that any of this pertains to your book. It was the best I could come up with on the spot.

  • You can write about other characters from their perspective, such as the detectives, corner, victim’s past, or even have your main character flash back to past events. If your book is about a serial killer, you could include a copy cat killer.

  • Add teenagers who are wizards who fall in love with vampires and are into bondage and you should have success.

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