I need an idea for a writer/author tattoo.?

I am very much in love with tattoos and writing. I have been published before for poetry and articles, but I am now taking a crack at a book. That is my biggest goal. I want something that when I look at it reminds me to get up and write. Stop putting it off for tomorrow. And a tattoo is the perfect way to do that, and it allows people to learn more about me. I have five tattoos now, so I do not need any comments about the morality of tattoos. I am meeting with my tattoo artist on — to discuss it. I have plans for other tattoos, but really want the writers tattoo as my next one. It is what I need right now. Any ideas? I have heard quill and typewriter. Do not want a quote, because I liked people to wonder about my tattoos and ask questions.

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  • how about a Gutenberg press.. I bet that would get questions

    I would avoid the Dragon Tattoo in Paul Elard Cooley’s novella Tattoo http://www.podiobooks.com/title/tattoo

  • OK, you don’t wish to position whatever in your wrists for the practical undeniable fact that whilst you pass and follow to a fundamental manufacturer, you are going to be shaking arms with scorching shot men and women and a tattoo at the wrist will seem cheesy. If you’re particularly in need of a tattoo, get it someplace wherein it may be hid safely whilst dressed in a swimsuit to paintings (hoping you are going to pass to school and pursue an schooling) This is my opinion, so if I’m being harsh, I’m sorry.

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  • An oldish kind of pen with a swagger like, with a few drops of ink on the point near a paper. With scribbles I’m old English style.

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