Would these character flaws make a character more interesting to you?

they are immature but grow out of it.

they are really messy and unorganized or they are too organized to the point of it being crazy.

they have an anger problem.

they are insanely afraid of spiders…….maybe not.

I just feel that my characters are too perfect and I don’t want them to be so I am trying to find some good interesting flaws in them, are these good flaws that would make a character an interesting read?


or better yet she and he are both a couple but he is very messy and she is very organized and they fight all the time about this.

Update :

I hope more people answer my ?

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  • You’re going in the right direction, at least. “Perfect” characters are the ones who are the least interesting. So, yes, you need character flaws.

    The immaturity is a good one. Really messy or really organized are also good, although I think the couple idea involving them might be a little too cliche.

    Keep on writing!

  • how about someone who is really “booksmart” but socially inept?

    another interesting flaw may be a busybody type that gossips and stirs up trouble and doesn’t necessarily realize it

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