Craigslist scam plese help me?

Ok so i got an email from someone saying they would like to buy my psp and the want to pay me in cashiers check and im not stupid i know what is a scam and whats not but im not totally shure if this is a scam do you think its a scam.

P.S i got another saying that they would buy it for when it was dollars and they wanted to use pay pal do these people actually think they are smart.

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  • Craigslist fills the niche for LOCAL sales only, akin to the classifieds in your local paper(s), but with Craigslist you can add pictures. I will assume these people live in your general, geographic area. If they are inquiring from somewhere outside your general, geographic area, they are both probably scamsters.

    To cover your butt, CASH (ONLY) is king with Craigslist sales.

    Tell the guy who wants to use PayPal that you accept CASH only. This being the case, simply tell him to do a money transfer from his PayPal account to his checking or savings account where he can withdraw the necessary CASH to bring.

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