Do you think he really likes me? be honest? PLEASE ANSWER?

when theres kids in my class&i sit across the room he looks at me and smiles,laughs,or talks to me. he let me wear his jacket cause i was cold. i let him wear my cheerleading shirt which he doesnt want to give back. we tease each other constantly but sometimes it hurts my feelings so idk if its flirty teasing or not. he helps me with my hw. when he passes by me he’ll grab me or tap me on the head. today under the table our feet were rubbing up against each other for like min. i went to change the radio in class&falling for you was on. its an old radio so you have to turn the knob and fix the intena so he was helping me and smiling at me. he seemed really interested about my homecoming date. but hes a bigggg flirt. do you think im just another girl he flirts with or he really likes me?ID APPRICIATE ANY ADVICE, BE HONEST!

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  • He could be a big flirt, but if he spends the majority of his time with you, does not leave you to talk to another girl, and asks you semi-personal questions about your life, then he likes you.

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    Answers whats there not to get, u just spoke to her at a flat only once and yet u are making out with her constantly as if u have been going on a steady relationship for months , Things were moving way too fast for her. duh she got caught up in the emotions of new lust at first but then figuratively sobered up and pull back.may be on that flat party she was not in her wits that's why she allowed you and when she cam back in her senses she took that night as a mistake .. may be she did not want to do that but because of drink she got that addictionShe probably just wanted to have fun and maybe thought you were coming on too strong??? I wouldn't lose sleep over it tho.Source(s): lifemaye she wanted a good time?

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    guys, how to make myself more approachable?

    Answers Favorite AnswerOh my gosh!! I have the exact same issue. All my friends say that I look really judgmental and unapproachable when my face is just plain relaxed. I have to constantly smile and even then people are still scared...Ignore the boneheads! You're very pretty & look naturally confident.Up your standards. Be fun loosen up. Do not dress like a slut. I repeat do not reveal a lot of skin when you dress.

    What was he trying to do?

    Answers They were trying to get inside your pants Lon story short. They tried to get you drunk so you were vulnerable. Stay away from them if they seem nice but you simply say no I don't want to do "it" right now. If they respect your statement it might even lead to a relationship (serious one)There is no doubt they were trying to get you in their room & drunk so they could do as they pleased.

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    Answers Favorite AnswerI would say 'love, trust and commitment' will be the essence of a happily married life. Adjusting or just listening to the other without talking, blah blah will not be a problem if love is there. Every problem comes only f the love lacks in a marital relationship. Blaming the other person, complaining, everything happens only if the love detoriates. One should disclose everything that he does to their partner. No secrets should be there, atleast as for as me..See, couples would be happy if they find their real happiness in the happiness over their partners. I do..:-) I would say a yes for something if my hubby like to do it, even if I really don't like. At the most, I will not regret for allowing him to do, as I can be really happy only if he does..:-)You may think it is too early for me to say these stuffs, but you know what, even before my marriage, I use to think he is my husband rather thinking like he is my bf / lover. If I'm not wrong, even in Y!A I had never uttered him as my bf / lover..:-)The more you expect from Read more

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