Do you think he really likes me? be honest? PLEASE ANSWER?

when theres kids in my class&i sit across the room he looks at me and smiles,laughs,or talks to me. he let me wear his jacket cause i was cold. i let him wear my cheerleading shirt which he doesnt want to give back. we tease each other constantly but sometimes it hurts my feelings so idk if its flirty teasing or not. he helps me with my hw. when he passes by me he’ll grab me or tap me on the head. today under the table our feet were rubbing up against each other for like min. i went to change the radio in class&falling for you was on. its an old radio so you have to turn the knob and fix the intena so he was helping me and smiling at me. he seemed really interested about my homecoming date. but hes a bigggg flirt. do you think im just another girl he flirts with or he really likes me?ID APPRICIATE ANY ADVICE, BE HONEST!

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  • He could be a big flirt, but if he spends the majority of his time with you, does not leave you to talk to another girl, and asks you semi-personal questions about your life, then he likes you.

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