Don’t you hate the new msn?

I like the . but now i have to update it and it look like it been downgraded.

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  • i did at first but i got use to it…

    Source(s): heres a link to the old one…

  • Windows Live Messenger (WLM) ..,…

    Q: How to run any older version of MSN Messenger/WLM on WinXP or Vista

    MSN Messenger / WLM keeps telling me “A newer version is available. You must install the newer version in order to continue. Would you like to do this now?” It is just a few simple steps to to keep using the old version of MSN Messenger,


    . Right click on the icon of MSN/WLM

    . Click on Properties

    . Go to Tab Compatibility

    . Select the check box for “Run this program in compatibility mode” for: and choose “Windows “

    . Click OK to apply the changes

  • if you dont like it, then downgrade to . search google for msn . and click download

  • uninstall the new version and install one of these they are almost the same.……

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