Do you think it’s possible you’re experiencing a virtual world created by scientists in a future world?


  • The problem with this is that it would have to be “a future” and not “The Future”, you know? When you play around with time like that, cause and effect kinda get loopy, to say the least.

    But sure, time could have went sideways at one point. The _real_ year may well be a dystopian ruin as per the _original_ “Days of Future Past”, as it was under Chris Claremont and John Byrne (back in the s, first _X-Men_ run). For all we know we may well be hunted by robots whenever we escape “the program”.

    The only real problem with all of this is the obvious one: computation. How do you run a simulation deep enough and sophisticated enough to keep things passably real even when scientists _think_ they’ve sent a probe or three to Mars? How do you make ALL of the stars in the visible universe seem “correct” even to the best and brightest minds we have?

    Some of this stuff just seems like it would be _freakishly difficult_ to simulate even if you slowed everything down and took all day to parse _every second_ “on the inside”. I’d think there would be more glitches. You know, more mutations from getting DNA wrong across seven billion “virtual people”, more black holes from repeated zero divide errors, more overflow errors _nearby_ in the grand scheme of things.

    Oh, and certain very-large scale diagonals–projected gamma radiation being released by distant quasars at the very edge of the visible, known universe–would definitely be off, way off.

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    So if we’re “brains in jars”? I’d have to guess that someone _else_, someone non-human is running the Matrix, so to speak, because we aren’t finding the errors they’re making. That, and the computer they’re running everything on is probably at least as big as the local perceived universe itself if not bigger.

    Source(s): Or we could be tooled on by alien pink and purple bunnies, using telepathic mind control. As in, they’re using our own brains against us to KEEP us from seeing glitches and errors. All so we can be Reality TV characters for _their amusement_. But then you have to ask, “What’s face-value, what’s interpreted, and what’s downright paranoia-inducing to assume?”

  • Anything is possible. Maybe I’m not really a Leprechaun. It’s chilling to think about.

  • I think your suffering from matrix withdrawel.

  • true

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