Is sex before marriage really a sin?


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    ) Is sex before marriage really a sin?

    Yes. Unfortunately, it *is* a sin.

    ) when you think about it, marriage is a human thing that we made

    The Bible teaches that God is involved in marriage. “What God has joined together…” etc.

    ) when you get married what really changes?

    Publicly-avowed commitment to your spouse. In other words: you’ve made a commitment to your spouse, and you’ve made it publicly so that you can be held accountable by law or society if you fail to live up to your commitment. In Christianity, you’ve also made that vow before God, and God can hold you accountable for failing to live up to your commitment.

    ) spiritually whats the difference between being married and being in love with that person

    There are several differences, but the most obvious and “real world” one is the publicly-announced (or “legally-established”) commitment.

    ) Would it really be sexually immoral to have sex with someone you are genuinely in love with?

    If you are not married: yes.

    ) the Bible also says of all the virtues of the Spirit, Love is the most important of all of them.

    Indeed. Not sex. Love.

    – Jim,

  • Yes, but remember the definition of sin is literally to “miss the mark” as in “miss the target”, which by very definition implies there must BE a target to aim at.

    In this case, the target is God’s definition of the correct sexual relationship between humans as such: Between man and his opposite sex wife in and during marriage only.

    So, sex with someone who is not your wife is sin regardless of the marital status of either person. (missed the mark, adultery or fornication are both specifically mentioned as sin and sexual immorality)

    Sex with someone the same sex is sin, even if your state makes up imaginary words like “gay marriage” to make breaking up more expensive. (missed the mark, sexual immorality, fornication)

    If you don’t respect your fiancee or girlfriend enough to wait until after marriage to consummate a sexual relationship, how much will you respect the bond of marriage after you (lie and) say “I do”?

  • Yes it is really a sin.

    God created woman to be man`s helper.

    When you marry, you both become one.

    Sex in marriage is like a bonus.

    You love and make love and become intimate and that brings you closer.

    You are committed to that person for the rest of your life.

    Without the wedding vows, it is called fornication and lust and they are a sin.

    Some people think living together is ok because they do not want the commitment but do want the

    sex. I think if you really loved the person, you would want to wait and not jump the gun.

  • Yes it is a sin. In the bible marriage is a union between a man a woman before God, marriage was made by God. You have to make the commitment before & with God to spend your life with that person. Anything outside of that is sexual immoral in the eyes of God.

    Someone who is genuinely in love with you will wait to take your virtue. Your soul should be just as important to them as their desires for sex. You shouldn’t’t have to show someone your “love” by means of sex. Not only that, is this person you speak of willing to marry you, are you going to marry them and spend your life with them?

  • Love is great. It is the “breeding” God becomes concerned with. Love each other deeply, but if you are going to hump like rabbits, you might want to think twice about it. Spiritually; marriage is the permanent bond between a man and a woman. So if you are going to spend the rest of your life together then feel free to bump uglies all you want. I would highly suggest you get married for real, because if you don’t you are headed for a nightmare. Spiritually and legally.

  • I don’t really feel like looking it up, but can anyone tell me if the Bible specifically state that sex prior to marriage is a sin, or do they only use ambiguous language like “sexual immorality because it is a sin,” allowing clergy to determine what is and isn’t sexual immorality?

    Biblechooer – you’d think that somewhere in that wall of text would be a Bible passage instead of just opinion.

  • In the Bible it says to stay away from sexual immorality because it is a sin.

    – Yes, but that was made up y the church to control people.

  • The reason those guys put that in their was because of what we call nowadays – Deadbeat Dads.

    Too many women were becoing pregnant without any means of support, hence the community would have to contribute to pay for the childs upbringing.

    And if anyone gives me a thumbs down for this answer – grow up. that’s exactly why those guys included it.

    Source(s): *Those Guys* are the guys who wrote the torah/bible as a set of recommendations for people to live by. Nothing supernatural about it.

  • Yes, if your a true christian you will obey all the bible because the whole bible is the law of God and if you brake even one law, the wages of sin is death, so that is why we need a savior Jesus Christ, to save us from are sins, because we are servants to satan unless Jesus Christ saves us no exception.

    Source(s): king james holy bible

  • It is not a sin if the partners are old enough and consenting. And the Bible says a whole lot of things that are not applicable today. Like kill witches.

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