Does anyone know a name meaning ‘Wandering Spirit’?

I want to write a book, and I have the story line and everything, but I don’t have a name for my main character. I am looking for a name with the meaning ‘Wandering Spirit’, ‘Spirit Walker’, ‘Wanderer’ or ‘Spirit’. Does anybody know any names that sound remotely like this? Please and thank you =P


Forgot to mention she’s a girl XD

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  • this means spirit or something in hindi, ‘Saya’,

    other beautiful indian names


    ananya(nanosecond, timeless)





    ambika(goddess, mother)

  • Drifting Soul? Umm, Deviating Mist? ErraticVitality?

  • Waloo-tombahey umprelish.

    Means ‘free minds walk calmly in death’ in Swahili.

  • This is clearly a Gnostic hymn and like Thunder Perfect mind which concerns the Divine Feminine is very profound and beautiful. Epenoia the first thought from the incomprehensible God emanates the first principle of life which is self generating. Chaos was diffused because the God that many people think is God Jehovah/Yahweh in the bible is the Master of Chaos and the bringer of death who we can see is a capricious and jealous and judgmental God. We toil in the earth and from the earth this God created humanity yet the spirit was lacking until Sophia/Wisdom infused humanity with the spark within the soul which Christ the saviour redeems through gnosis.The law is the life subject to death which on this plane we are subject to. She gave birth to this blind arrogant God and hid herself away from her consort who is Christ. The male and female androgynous spirit within all of us who can see. We are made up of water and in the womb of the mother we swim upwards to the light as we are born. When we become aware we feel the presence of the impermanence of life and in self pity we weep. Yet our true self our Daimon knows it is the Endilon our lower self which refuses to let go of our attachment to matter and the material world of illusion and by becoming aware of this we rise or for some they fall and cannot pass. Trapped in the labyrinth we wander in the fading light until the illuminator..the redeemer…the Christ who searches out all evil which draws away from goodness and deprives our spirit and leaves us imprisoned here in the land of shadows and random chaos. Christ called to the Father the true God consisting of the Divine Mother both equal and our true spiritual parents to send Him our brother our friend to descend and unbreak the seal and the chains of bondage which trap us in existence. And as he is ageless and timeless and not subject to space or time he can harrow the living hell that we suffer from through the the aeons under the principalities and powers of the archons who rule this place of no grace. He will open our eyes and let our minds see that the Gods of men are false and by their shape they come to form. We will walk the path but now we are not alone for we have Gnosis handed to us by Christ who will hand us on to our true parents in the Pleroma. I thought I would try and use my own knowledge of Gnosticism to understand this and to also show you what Gnosticism is. A far greater thing than blind faith in a God created in mans image. And this is what made Gnosticism so dangerous to religion for it allows us to explore the inner universe we all inhabit in our minds which is connected to the spirit world. Read Thunder perfect mind. It is the poem for the Mother,daughter,sister and consort and shows the way women are regarded and how that is addressed. Great question and a lovely hymn. God bless you and may you walk forever in the light.

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    Britnie and Braidy are my faves (i didn’t know what gender)

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  • Jonquil! I think it means autumn, but its a beautiful name, and no one has rights on it!

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