Going to a website, and it taking me to another?

Lately when I go to a website, and don’t even click on anything it will take me to an inappropriate website. Its not porn, but for example, one website I was taken to was for an “Adult Dating” website. But it wasn’t for dating. This has happen to me times in the last week. (Mind you I go on like an upwards of four hours a day.) I don’t look at porn or anything that I am not sure of, and I got my computer a month ago. Should I worry about it?

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  • The Auto-Redirect deal is something that has been implemented in Browsers since the mid ‘s through HTML & Javascript so sites that changed servers or sites were able to redirect users to their new site without totally inconvenience everybody.

    While it can be used for good, nearly everything has been used for evil as well. The Redirection deal has been used to trick others by visiting what they thought was a legitimate site to visit an illegitimate site that they never wanted to visit.

    One way to limit or prevent such redirection would be to use Firefox & install No Script add-on. With No Script enabled, it’ll prevent any website EXCEPT the ones you trust from running any scripts on your browser, which includes redirection. It may be annoying while you generate your personal “White List” (sites you trust), but it protects you from the unwanted stuff.

    If the redirection is occurring on normal sites (like eBay, Fark, Yahoo, ect.)… you may want to do some in-depth anti-virus & anti-malware scans as something (or somebody) is hijacking your browser. Otherwise, it’s probably nothing.

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    Hope this helps!

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