Good titles for a story I’m writing.?

Okay so I’m writing a story and need a catchy title!

Storyline: A player and a geek, one game, one chance at love. They participate in a game made up by their friends and it involves them ‘pretending’ to go out, but whoever falls in love first loses. I have worked really hard on the storyline and getting the charcters and all. But now I need a title. stars to whoever can come up with the best one/ones. 🙂 <

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  • – “Playing a Game With The Player”,

    – “The Love Game”,

    – “Unexpected Love”,

    – “Is it Love or Just A Game?”

    Examples ^

  • Our Pretending Game

    Love Masquerade

  • Game Time

  • The Game of Love

    Just a Game

    Love: true or false?

    Don’t fall [in love], sweetheart

    Also what’s the forfeit? Because it must be something really bad if they won’t admit they’re in love ^o^

    ~Soph xx

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