have vista home premium..recorded picture slide show on windows movie maker on dvd+r disc but does not?

play back on my dvd player

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  • You have to Publish the picture show you created on WMM (windows movie maker) first, before you can burn it to watch on DVD. That’s why it does not work in your DVD player.

    With your picture slide show in WMM:

    > Click View, then Tasks, to bring up the Task pane

    > Under Edit, click on Publish to ——

    > This computer

    > Name the movie and choose a save destination

    > Click Next

    > Choose: Best quality for playback on my computer (recommended)

    or another quality from the menu More Settings

    > Click Publish

    Once the WMM project has been published, you can burn it to DVD. Make sure the burn process you use provides for display on most DVD players.

    Source(s): Lots of experience in WMM and other video editing software applications.

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