My HDD has some kind of viruse in it, i think ,when i start pc it loads windows but when its about to show the walcome screen , screen turns off!(its not hardware problem)

Also when i try safe mode, it doest work it just logs in my acount and is showing this black screen with “safe mode” typed in all four corners, i can do absoloutly nothing!

so is there some kind of program that i can write in disc, and when its in pc it automaticly runs and cleans HDD up? please help me if you know something about how to help me, also if you know other way to fix it.. THANKS ALREADY!

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  • Yes, first does your computer come with a recovery disk? If you have a recovery disk, give it a shot, but if you don’t have a disk and you use Vista, you can make your own Recovery Disk.

    Download an ISO image of a recover disk here


    and make your own using another computer. Here’s how to do it.


    But the best thing to do though is format your HDD with an OS installation disk and clean install the OS instead of do a repair / recovery of the corrupted OS. That way, you get rid of EVERYTHING you have on your computer and install a fresh copy of Windows. Then it’ll be free of errors and glitches. You can Google about how to “CLEAN INSTALL” an operating system, but here’s a brief explanation of the steps.

    Fist, you need to obtain the followings to do this:

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    ) XP or Vista installation disk (your computer manufacturer should be able to give you one if you don’t have one) with a valid license number.

    ) Motherboard chipset drivers (also should be available for download at your computer manufacturer’s webstie, OR a disk may be available upon request).

    ) Installers / CDs for programs you wish to install on your computer though some of them may be downloaded later.

    Then, insert the OS installation disk in your DVD drive. On your BIOS (usually a black screen with white letters, BEFORE Windows screen shows up for the first time), change your BOOT ORDER so that your CD/DVD drive boots before the HDD.

    The installation disk should kick in. Chose to install a clean copy of Windows.

    When asked which partition / where on your HDD you want your OS to be installed, you will have the option to DELETE your hard drive once and FORMAT before installing a fresh copy of the OS.

    Then you have a bran new computer now with a fresh copy of Windows. Proceed to install the chipset drivers. Do Windows updates once you are connected to the internet. Add whatever other hardwares you want to add one at a time and their drivers. Then you can install programs.

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