How to use Ubuntu please help!?

I have installed Ubuntu in my laptop. Please suggest some good website which tells how to work with ubuntu with ease?

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  • use

  • The best resource I’ve seen to date is actually the Official Ubuntu Guide (you can pick it up online at Amazon or you can probably find it at Chapters. It will tell you everything you need to know about Ubuntu and more. Another good book is Ubuntu Kung Fu (by Pragmatic Programmers), it has all the tips and tricks for keeping Ubuntu running efficiently and functionally.

    For quick help I usually either goto the Ubuntu Forums ( ) and ask a question, or I search through the Ubuntu Wiki ( ) and try to find what I need in there. Both are really good information resources.

  • Installing Software on Ubuntu…

    Ubuntu . (Karmic Koala) User Guide

    Ubuntu . (Jaunty Jackalope) User Guide





    u can just Google what ever u don’t understand





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