hello, i have some ?s about friendships…?

i’m a years old guy and im straight. A couple days ago, a girl that i like asked me: “why do u always hang out with girls? do u have any guy friends?” uh-oh.. my answer was

“yes, but i hate to hang out w/them cuz their annoying”…honestly i dont have any guy friends and i’m pretty embarrassed when i get to be the only guy on the lunch table, on the group, teams..ect….my ? is, how to make guy friends? i know this is awkward my dear readers, but I REALLY NEED ur help.!!!how to make guy friends????and how do u star a convesation with them???

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  • First off, you need to realize that you don’t need guy friends. Just because everyone else has them, doesn’t mean you have to have them, as well. There are plenty of straight people who hang out with members of the opposite sex.

    However, if you’re really so intent on hanging out with them…

    -Start doing or learning about (generally) masculine things. Video games, for example.

    -You could start playing sports. Find something you like, there’s a wide variety of sports, something for everyone.

    -Start talking to other guys. You can’t make friends if you don’t talk to people.

    -Be more outspoken and outgoing. That way you’ll meet more people.

    That’s a start. But, if it’s not for you, then keep in mind… You don’t need guy friends. It’s all just social stigma, anyway. 😛

    Source(s): Back in high school I had a lot more female friends than male friends.
    (At least as far as “good” friends went)

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  • hello simply calm down supply it someday and simply be pleasant to ur man buddy and after a few days he might be a little bit cooled down then u can give an explanation for the predicament to him in element inform him why u did that and apologize inform him u certainly not desired to harm him and matters will probably be first-rate as soon as once more adequate…all of the excellent

  • u sound like my friend curtis MAN YALL ALIKE

    he always around us we girls by the way

    and he got like guy friends

    just like ….. try to talk to guys to have a convosation going

    do u like sports? just ask them about sports or somethin

    or just hang wit girls if u feel comftable that way

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