It’s in the morning and I was sleeping peacefully until I heard a loud bang like an air conditioner got the floor and my Internet is starting to act up, it suddenly got cold by my feet which aren’t under the covers and I live in a dead zone and I got full bars right now. HELP EXPLAIN THIS!!! Also it is said my house is haunted. Now it feels like something is by my feet. I’m so scared. UPDATE! Now I’m hearing voices in the kitchen and what sounds like cupboards and doors opening but everyone is asleep. And please no stupid answers like I pissed off the ghosts for having time Warner or anything like that, in still scared! UPDATE! Every light is off but I’m seeing a bright light conning from the kitchen. It is also colder in my room than it is outside temperature and it is right next to an open window. I am also thinking I am seeing a shadow of someone hovering over me and it quickly disappears. Also for people thinking this is spam or a hoax IT IS NOT!! I am truly terrified and any cell phone communication is useless and I keep feeling cold air inside my blanket I’m tucked under. Also this all started to happen after I noticed some illuminati etched into the wall and it was only visible at pm where the sun is just perfect. My memory is bow starting to be affected so in also using this as my memory. If I die, I have no one left to love and I have no life and I wasn’t even scared if the nurse ring midgets story. And our tent was shaking while we were saying the story. I’m truly scared.

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  • FIRST, I am not saying you are crazy, but I am saying you exhibit some of the classic symptoms of a schizophrenic.

    Get checked out by a Psychiatrist.

    Many of your symptoms sound reminiscent of Schizophrenia.

    Though it is rare to have both visual and auditorial hallucinations, it is not unheard of.

    Typically, the first psychotic break occurs in the late teens and early twenties.

    Second, try sleeping over with friends or family and see if the symptoms persist.

    If they do, it is unlikely that the “haunting” for lack of a better term is perception rather than reality.

    Source(s): Personal experience with friends and family who suffer from schizophrenia

  • Calm dow sweetie everything is okay lets go to you aunts house and make some tea




  • What I am about to tell u is not a joke. U need to talk to a minister or a medium. Somebody who has experience with this. If this just started happening, the best thing to do is get help from someone. If u have had this experience all ur life moving will only make it worse. Trust me. But if this is something new. Then get the **** out of that house. Seriously. ive had a demon all of my life. No matter wat I do he follows. I dont want to scare u. But he chokes me at night nd I cant move or breathe or scream. Get out of there before it gets worse

  • Just go crawl into bed with your parents. If you all heard your house is haunted I’m sure they would understand. I totally believe in the supernatural. I think its cool but damn.. I would freak out also! I’m sure you mind is playing tricks on you cause your so scared. Start burning sage at night and saying prayers. You need to put these spirits to rest somehow.

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  • You’re in the wrong column, sorry I had to say it. What nurse ring midget story? Calm down, it’s probably your family making a racket or at worst case a burglar. I made be to late to replying…..Please be alive…

  • There there.

    Everything will be fine.

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