help me!!!!!!! hurry up?

i downloaded avast antivirus,i restarted,and now,it ask me user name and password,but i don`t know,what must i do to start my computer?please help me

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  • If it’s asking for a user name and password, then the computer was set for username and password protected. So you should know the user name and password, as your the one who would have set it up.

  • i dont know if you computer is different or not and also are you talking about wat it asks when it first starts up? like you open the computer and before you can acess it you have to like type the pass and username or soemthing. if its that then you know the one that you usually type, its the same username and pass. but if your talking about after you already log in to your computer and your talking about the antivirus pass and username then it just might be asking you to create a username and pass.

    umm you might want to add some more additional details or maybe its just me lol. im kind of confused. :I

    good luck tho 😀

  • First of all Help me is not a question, and whats with the “HURRY UP” how disrespectful, now write a question correctly and then I answer, noob, if u can’t then pick up ur bags and get lost.

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