Help with poetry explication?

Could you help me with a poetry explication?

It’s a poem by Dennis Cooper, called ABBA-

Please read it and help me out finding imagery/rhetorical, literary, or musical devices/rhyme or meter. I honestly am having a lot of trouble because it’s such a simple, blunt poem

Thanks a ton!

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  • You will find the following invaluable:-


    The TIPCASTT system encourages the beginning student of poetry to integrate the literal and figurative meanings conveyed by a poem into a coherent understanding of the poem, highlighted by an understanding of the literary devices that helped the poem’s purpose to be realized.

    This systematic approach takes steps. Use the rest of this worksheet to follow these steps for your given poem, writing in the spaces provided. Be sure to retain this and other TIPCASTT worksheets for future reference.


    Write the title and author of the poem:

    ___________________________________________________________ by_________________________________

    Then, predict what the poem will be about:

    @ Learn more

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