`It was not Nancy`s fault!`…can you improve my spontane please…c/c?

In a levity, optimistic mood

she orders on-line. a pair of inch stilettos

+ an evening – dress, all lacy black semi-discreet

recalling nights of opera ballet & ballrooms.

(a hint of blessed insanity is a good thing at times!)

She`s been reading our resident great poets` works

Recalling days she wriggled into corselettes, ” stilettos the least of the

enjoyably agonising ways of fitting in with her

head-of-the-tying-pool,boss`s Girl Friday gotta put on the style image

to hold her Higher Authority at years` of age, catching bus office .

Swapping her part-of-her-salary Luncheon Voucher to buy

Steinbeck or Roth or Robert Graves/ knee-high maroon suede to-die–boots!

The shoes arrive,paid in advance; Eagerly signing the delivery-machine,

is in the middle of an eyeball-crisis, peers at the ladder-high shoes,

which, – for no discernible reason. look to her deep green – by what chance?

tries the one on the larger of her feet,… – Cool..the online Company meets its`sizes-promise –

forgets;The dress later arrives,,fits like a gossamer custom-made dream.

Goes back to peer painfully at the book -chapter in her painful handwriting which

the deliveries have interrupted

thinking of her Best Beloved, in-storage, unworn-for-ages discreet velvet wraps…maybe

when her relatives treat her – dinner at Annabelles – fashion honor will be re – erupted..Elehgantly?

Three weeks, four eye injections, (she`s IS turning color-blind OW!) her YUMMY leather jacket later, her visiting relatives rifling her strewn `wardrobe`

horrified, discard this & that, dragging her

(not exactly over-protesting despite her shorn orange-ish hair!) for

decent update HARDY winter glam shoes (stilettos hidden)

Soon, solo, out,, walking slowly, uncertainly, half-blinded,sporting relative-provided, Italian shades:

Having tested the stilettos earlier, swayed precariously four strides

(how far the walk from inside the car, into Annabelles?),

she`s dressed `normally ….cable jersey, French scarf, jeans & the Sensible Shoes.

Despite being par-blind, having been happy out of isolation awhile,she`s

having colleague-type conversations, drinking decent coffee, noticing

looks for all the world like a retired academic – boffin-ish English County-Style –

(looks like normality has hit her gently*, when –

WHAM! She`s – SLUNG against a wall – No reason at all –

no near black – out, no ankle-skew…people run, a glass of water –

“Shall we call an ambulance?”

Sitting, contemplating dimly, her jeans` hems & shoes

Leans against the doctors` surgery wall;

A friend`s voice penetrates her thinking, `The Wan*ers –

they said I`ve to visit my OWN surgery – no Xmas card for THEM!`

No notion what occurred, in truth – declares, `Really, I`ll be fine!`

Folks, seeing she`s not perturbed -that she`s checked her own pulse, return to their work.

Another elder lady stops…”D`you want a hand? “She certaiinly does;

Being an elder too, the woman gives a heave..both wryly smile, understanding the

Need not to make a knock – on- forever-through-the -system`s morass. NO!

She thanks the stranger – carries on walkng .. Chloe appears –

`D`ya wanna hand doin` ya shopping?`

Companiably, clings to Chloe across the road –

they laugh and chat about Chloe`s genuine -days` holiday radiant, real tan

-Chloe carries her shopping up the many stairs for her.

The village at last has `clicked`; she has not been ever malingering –

She recalls the ocular specialists last week, asking about the stroke she had, aged ..

it all makes sense.The eyes affecting her balance –

a brain-glitch…

Christ , How Much Worse It could have been, had she been crossing the High Street!

*Time to – Wake Up Baby!*

Fiddling for ages with her iphone to see the chemist`s number she quits –

Chucks it in the drawer …retrieves her clunky mobile, plugs in the charger,

ask, “Are you selling – White Sticks?” Nope.

(Screw THIS..she ain`t Giving Up Hope!)

Call the eye-hospital helpline – explains ……

`This happens often..it is sensible of you ..will you collect it – it`s free to you?`

She cannot decide – the Hospital and back – half a day`s rides

listening to the driver`s blasting music.

The volunteer asks.`Just one questin we have to ask before we supply one free –

Were you by any chance – wearing stiletto heels?`

They continue politely, arranging delivery.

Smiling to herself, she thinks of Nancy –

Thanking The Powers That Be that –

she hasn`t – eight legs!

Credibility begs – Eight feet in stilettos?


*Please add a verse…nothing that`s worser?LOL xxxxx

…..Thanks for reading this cathar-Siis!



Tex-sis…you wuz in my heart too and prob in my fumbl-fingers 🙂 as I Spontaned this….

Purrlease…have a shoe-Horn Of Plenty of – Best Blessings! xxx < and Nancy & Chloe!

Update :

Tex-sis…you wuz in my heart too and prob in my fumbl-fingers 🙂 as I Spontaned this….

Purrlease…have a shoe-Horn Of Plenty of – Best Blessings! xxx < and Nancy & Chloe!

Update :

***I hope that Nancy reads and takes this in the positive spirit intended (I was not wearing stilettos)..

as the arachnid poems habe brightened my times, I`ve often wanted to comment in a poem…

my neural/optic changes have me at tomes cognito ergo dim sum, so this was simply an

opportunity to eulogize..even though it looks ambiguous/ goof-ish…your poems

are a source of ispiration k?….:)***

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