Sometimes we have to accept what is, will you C/C please?


He’s well known around town

as a beggar, a three legger

handouts offered, an awkward bow

a mere slip of a mutt

keeping up with the kids

when they kick a ball or can

“Reilly, fetch”, his duty performed

the plan, rewarded with loving hugs,

enough for him

as the children squirm

each in turn from a licked face.

Reilly knows his name

as well as his place,

having no real claim to fame

he does as much as the children do,


invited always into their games.

I’d like to say he is mine, by some chance

but he won’t relate.

Reilly is who he is,

balancing at his stance

not caring, he’s a legger


Thank you my favorite Ray

Update :

Thank you my favorite Ray

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  • An all-in GIFT of one reilly great poem!

    …..from a poet who knows as well as you can.. Thank You..

    a most `I am me!` Keeper!

    HGo to it…all ways, aways Texsis… < Lapiz Flying..

    ….so whatever`s wrong with a Wing and a Prayer.?.say

    `Hi, boyo LOL` to `Reilly` – inner/ outer for me..Kids in some things, know best!

  • Sweet, identifiable poem, I got a good set of images from this

  • Down to earth warmth.

  • Lucky dog to have so many friends.

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  • This was quite a read my friend. Good job hugs.

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