How can I find a person’s IP Address without chatting or emailing with them?

My reason being someone is stalking my daughter, and now starting to attack my mother and I, as well. They block us from everything before we can even see anything, or they completely deactivate the “fake” profiles they’ve made. They find her on every social media network she seems to get on, and taunt her & anyone who defends her. Every profile they comment from is a fake one made-up specifically to harass her. This is NOT just teenage drama! This is serious & needs to be stopped! This person can tell me almost every move my child makes; what she’s wearing; how she’s wearing her hair; sends me pictures & videos; and makes regular threats, and has gone through with some! I’ve been to cops, sheriff dept. school board, and her school, and no one does, nor has done, anything. They haven’t even bothered to look at anything. I have taken screen shots and/or printed everything, and continue to, but without them even looking, this doesn’t help me! So, what I’m curious about is to know if there’s any way, whatsoever, for me to track their IP Address without being able to chat, or email with this person? ANY SERIOUS ANSWERS, SUGGESTIONS, ETC… WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! PLEASE help!! This is very serious & quite scary to our family! It’s seriously driving us crazy & causing severe distress to our family!

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  • Not possible.

    Also, line spacing.

    Also, wrong category.

    Also, stop pissing off the nerds.

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  • possible to find out his IP if he is not using a proxy, you hire someone to make a site that allows for people to post comments. wait for him to post something abusing, check the website logs for his IP.

    And I agree with Daniel

    “Also, line spacing. Also, wrong category. Also, stop pissing off the nerds.”

    you are in the wrong place, hire a private investigator or something if you don’t like the police.

  • Hi darling, you can contact the police, they have ways to get the people behind this.

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