How can I study well?

I used to do better in the high school…..but i dnt know why i cant concentrate on studies in my college…..i try to read but i become tired too quick…i be in college frmAm to pm…i go to maths tution every morning…hence im unable to read other subjects….i cant listen to the classes since i become too dizzy….im feeling like im in the matrix…i cant do anything regarding studies pls help me….


  • Concentrate your self..

    here you go with some tips..

    )study in a peace full area..

    )found which thing is distracting you.and think about it before you going to collage.complete your with those memory,get satisfy…then enter class..

    )close your eyes think that you didt studied well and got failed.all your friends celebrating their results..and you crying in a corner..all your friends relatives talking silly about you..u getting hurt yourself.– FEEL THIS SITUATION.and open your eyes felt horrible????

    now again close your eyes start thinking if you got rank in your exam everyone congratulating you..relatives calling and wishing..everyone look at you..feel this situation for min..felt happy???

    now start studying,by keeping nd dream..

    good luck

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