How could she be pregant for me? we did do something. im lost a little?

I met this female on 8/30/09 an we had sex one or two days after we met. an now she say that she is 5 weeks prengant on monday next week she will be 6 weeks. Do you think in that time frame it could be my baby in her?


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  • No, the baby would probably not be yours, unless you had mega-super sperm or she has a really weird cycle. Six weeks on Monday (October 12) would put her starting her period (and a pregnancy is dated from the first day of a period, menstrual cycle) somewhere around the time you met, which means that she would not have typically ovulated until two weeks later (mid-September). Sperm (at the most) last a week or so in the female body. Doesn’t sound like it, but the only way to tell is a DNA test. The timing could be right, and stranger things have happened.


  • yup. women count pregnancy starting from the first day of their last period. it sounds as though she is counting from the time she concieved the baby and not the other way or else she would be more like 7 weeks now. Anyway, sperm, once it enters the cervix, can live anywhere from a few days to a week, so even if she wasnt ovulating when you has sex, she could still have ovulated even 5 days later and got pregnant. Anyway the only way to know for sure is to have a DNA test done, but that will have to wait until the baby is born. An amnio can tell, but it can also cause a miscarriage and it is her call on having one or not while she is pregnant. However, if she met you and had sex shortly after, it is probably making you wonder who else she might have had sex with too? Talk to her and try to get her to open up. Accusing her will only make her trust you less but be nice about it and maybe she will tell the truth if she isnt already


  • It depends on how she is counting the weeks. If she is counting from conception, then yes, the baby could be yours. Doctors however date pregnancy’s by the first day of your last period. In that case, no the baby would not be yours as she would be 8 weeks pregnant next monday, not 6 weeks. It is best to just get a paternity test done when the baby is born.


  • Yes it matches the time frame. You count the weeks starting from the first day of her period until this week and it should be about 5-6 weeks.

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  • It seems like it COULD be, if she’s counting from conception date. I just found out I’m pregnant, and counting from my last period, 9/2/09, which fits your time frame for intercourse, I’m about 5 weeks. So honestly, if you can’t be sure of her fidelity or when her last period was, I would either go with her to the doctor and talk about the conception date with him or her, or just insist on a paternity test when the baby is born.


  • To determine how far along you are, you start counting from the last menstrual cycle. That means that you actually conceive somewhere around week 2 of pregnancy. According to my count it is probably yours.

  • Honey, it sounds like it’s a yes. You’re going to be a daddy.

    Her period would have been due on the week of Sept. 7th. You impregnated her the week before. The doctor counts how pregnant you are by counting how many weeks since her last mentrual period.


  • Yes it all depends on when her last period started not necessarily the date of the sex.

  • sounds about right. talk with the girl about options and how you feel, its very important. but dont be totally selfish, she may want the baby

  • yes, it fits within the time frame.

    use a condom to prevent this kind of stuff,

    or dont sleep with people you hardly know.

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