how do i hook up linksys router.?

im gonna be going to my dads house today, he dosent have a wireless router so im gonna take one of my old linksys ones so i can play wow, but i dont have the install disk to install it, he does have a broadband router the hooks up to his computer tho, i know how to hook it up and everything but will it work if i just plug it in? if not what do i gotta do?


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  • Assuming that your dad’s router has more than a single port, you should be able to take a cable from your dad’s router and plug it into the uplink port on your wireless router. This should allow you to use your wireless router on your dad’s internet connection, but may require some additional configuration based on your exact model number.


  • you don’t need install disks for a router. They don’t USE specially provided PC software. You just hook up the modem to the WAN port and a PC/laptop to one of the LAN ports. You may need to configure port forwarding, but that is done through the HTML interface that you can reach by typing the router’s IP address into your browser.


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