how do i know if he likes me?

so there’s this guy and i’m and hes almost and i really like him. his friends say that they’re pretty confident in that he likes me too. but idk for sure. and i don’t want to ask him straight up or anything like that. but hes always asking me to hangout and he always says that if i cant hes gonna go jump off a bridge and die…hes joking though. i know that. and then the other day he asked to hangout but i came late and he had to leave early and i didn’t get to hangout with him only his friends which is fine but yeah. and then me and my friend went to a movie and told them to come and they did and him and his friend ran miles to get to the movie theater. and he got punched in the face the day before and so he kept telling me to kiss it at the movies and that was on his cheek. the he said that his braces cut his lip and he wanted me to kiss it then too. and during the movie he kept feeding me skittles and popcorn…weird.. i know. but anyways i have a pretty good feeling he does like me but its just i don’t really know for sure. do you guys think he does? thanks:)

Spend as much time with him as possible, see if the two of you click


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    Spend as much time with him as possible, see if the two of you click

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