I only eat grapes in the morning…?


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    Grapes are a healthy fruit. I would not make it a full breakfast though.

    Can you wake up a bit earlier? Start with minutes earlier if that works add another minutes later on so you have a bit of time.

    Try making your lunch the night before and pack it and put it in the refrigerator so they are ready to go.

    For your breakfast one of the breakfast drinks. It will give you more vitamins and some protein as well. You can pour everything into a travel cup and shake it up as you walk out the door.

    Check out some recipes for home made granola, you can add what you like as far as grains, fruits, nuts. Pack little sandwich bags so you can grab one and go. The granola would also be good with yogurt or as a mid day snack as well. the reason I mention making it many of the packaged ones have a lot of added sweeteners and fat that you can adjust to your taste.

  • My only advice too you is the obvious. Wake up earlier!

    Although grapes are not unhealthy, you need a proper balanced breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. Why not ask your mum to buy a wider variety of fruit (bananas are good they are high in fibre) and perhaps some cereal bars? Something a bit more nutritional that you can eat quickly in the morning.

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