how do i run exe files in linux?

i wanna download media player so that i can run my music files.i have partitioned main memory and installed linux on gb space.

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  • Some exe. (executables) can be run on Ubuntu/Linux using WINE

    Using WINE on Ubuntu


  • If you look in you menu you will find some media players.

    You can also use the builtin program installer and remover (package manager) to install more programs.

    Linux does not work the same way as windows does. With windows you have to buy the OS and then you have to buy most of the software and games. Or you search the net for free/cheap games and programs to download and install.

    With linux you get the OS for free and you get ALL the software that linux can use for free, and you download and install it by using the built in package manager (software installer and remover). Every version of linux has a package manager for that purpose. The names of the manager will differ; synaptic, aptitude, yum deb, installer. If we knew which version of linux you are using we could be more specific on what you should look for. Go to your main menu and look especially under the System category for a package manager. You may have to open every item until you find the right one.

    You should use that to install the programs/software that you want. If you use the “windows method” of installing software you will soon end up with programs that don’t run well, are missing critical parts, and eventually your whole system could have problems. The beauty of the package manager is that it knows exactly which files you have on your computer and it know which ones to install or remove to install the software that you want and have it work smoothly. Generally the “windows method” leads to what is called “dependency hell”: some necessary/dependent file is necessary but cannot be found or conflicts with a file that is currently on the computer, and the program will not run properly.

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    Here is a link to the ubuntu package manager called Synaptic. This will explain more fully how the package manager works. If you use the package manager that is built into your linux system you will have an easier time installing software. If some piece of software that you want/need is not in the “warehouse” then you should ask for advice on how and where to get it and how to install it.

    Good luck


  • You can use Wine to run Windows software in Linux. There are binaries available on for several different Linux distributions.

    Source(s): years using the software.

  • you cannot run windows programs natively on linux. (i.e winamp , windows media player , player etc) … you can run them on wine , but they wont work properly

    there are many great media players that run natively on linux .

    for audio : i would suggest songbird or amarok

    for video : i would suggest vlc player

    based on the distribution of linux (ubuntu , fedora , opensuse etc ) you can go to the corresponding forum and ask them on how to install them .

    its different from installing software in windows … so knowing the right procedure clearly is important . its not at all difficult to learn also … so dont be scared ….

    if you are using fedora ,or if you need more help/details/clarifications, then you can contact me … and i can help you out … i myself am on fedora linux ….

    Source(s): fedora linux user and contributor …

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    You can try wine software.


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