How to download songs for free?

Without registration??? Thnx

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  • Become a PIRATE and live by the

    If you can help me?


    Source(s): or just google the song, you might get a virus more easily though…warn ya.

  • Limewire<

  • Download one of the peer to peer programs (Emule, utorrent…. etc). Then search for the song you want using it.

    P.S: The federal law considers file sharing a criminal act since all songs are protected by copyrights.

  • check this site which gives particular introduction to free music downloading.


  • just google all these “free mp download” and whatever song you want. it works. its just illegal, but hey, if they arrested everyone who did it, nobody would be out of jail.

  • Use torrents with a bittorent client.

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