How do I ship an item using UPS Ground Shipping, please help me!?

Okay I am trying to send a skirt using UPS ground shipping, how do i do it? please tell me!

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    first pack your item. weigh it and take measurments of the package. Go to, and go to ship, put in all information, pay with a credit card, and print out your label. You can schedule a pickup for extra money, or you can arrange to drop off the package at a ups location, or drop box.

    If you dont have a printer, just take the package to ups and pay them to ship it.

  • Answer is absolutely correct.

    I would only add that you can go to a UPS store to have your item packed and shipped or you can go to the customer counter of a UPS facility in addition to getting a label online at

    Source(s): year UPS Operations Manager

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