how do u put i quicktime file onto microsoft movie maker?

i have tried to convert it to a medial player file but it wont read it and i cant get movie maker to read the quicktime file

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  • WM Converter is probably the best and most versatile software to convert video files from one format to another. It is free and readily available online. Just goggle the name. There are also other pieces of the software you might like to check out like a player and recorder.

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  • Maybe you can try video converter, quicktime fiel maybe .mov files. so you can convert .mov file to other format file which your microsoft movie maker support.

    You can free download it from

    Have a try, I hope I can help you, and good luck.

  • i’m notably effective that there is a link style of element on the left hand area (once you open it up) that announces ‘import video’. attempt that and with a bit of luck it would artwork. solid success :)))

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