How to find Area of a square?

Each side of a square measures / in. Find the area of the square.

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  • / X / =

  • First of all, there was no need for the rude comment (post number one)!

    Okay, so you know that square’s sides are always equal. The equation for area is base * (times) height or length * width, whatever you want to call it. Really, in area what you are measuring is one of the sides and either the bottom or the top of the shape.

    So you would lay it out like this:

    a (area) = b*h or l*w (that is base times height or length times width, you choose)

    a = . * . (since all sides are equal in length)

    a = (your answer) in^ (that is the answer in inches squared

    Good luck! And don’t worry about not knowing how to figure it out. I used to struggle in math so I have been in your position before.

    If you need any more help, email me ([email protected])

  • multiply / x / to find the square inches of the square. You can then divide the top figure by the bottom to get a lower fraction.

  • L times B

  • area is length times width

    / x /

    or eaisier, . x .

    Source(s): ive gone through elementary school

  • A= bxh

    A= . x .

    A= .inches Squared.

    Source(s): My calculator!

  • the are of a square is base x height or length x width

    A=bh x . in


  • Kill yourself now, because you don’t know grade math. Seriously.

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