I can’t open microsoft word document?

I have window vista and microsoft office enterprise . When i double click on word document file it gives me following error:

“C:Usersmy user nameDesktoptest.doc is not a valid Win application”

the other thing is if i have microsoft word open, I can click on file>open> and the i can be able to open the same document. But i don’t know why i can’t open it by double clicking on it? Can anyone please help me with this. I will appreciate it.


little more info, i already tried to right click and tried open with word. but that didnt work either. When i browse and found winword in C drive, i clicked on it but it doesnt appear in the window. So i really don’t know the problem.

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  • do you have the right default application opening that? right click the document > open with > select microsoft word.

  • top click the workstation shortcut, then click properties. click the Shortcut tab and the objective will teach you which of them itemizing you would be waiting to discover it placed. maximum suitable of success.

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