a really good photoshop (price doesnt matter)?

what is a good photoshop i can purchase? or even download off the internet for free? the one that came with my digital camera stinks.. i want more options. i am willing to pay alot, i have a nice camera and really enjoy photography.

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  • There is no free version of Photoshop.

    The best Photoshop is Photoshop CS Extended.

    If you want a free alternative to Photoshop

    try GIMP.

  • it sounds like you are working with photoshop elements, which is very limited. the real photoshop is much better.

    suggest you start with the older photoshop versions. i like v the best, but its at like v by now. I think the latest is CS. Look at cheap software sites like www.buycheapsoftware.com or similar where you can buy older software (because you are buying the boxed versions).

    or go to adobe.com and download a trial version for free of the latest photoshop and you can decide if you want to buy that version at the full price.

  • You may want to download [for free], the predecessor to Photoshop which was Adobe PhotoDeluxe by conducting a google.com or search for “Photodeluxe free download.” PhotoDeluxe is a full-featured photo editor [like Photoshop] but in a simpler more user-friendly format.

    Good luck!

  • Photoshop CS is the BEST its about $ (: email me at [email protected] for anymore quistions (;

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