Is There Any Software That Can Allow MP To Midi (guitar file) ?

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  • as gobermuda stated . . . it is not actually analog audio but synthesized mathematics.

    look for conversion software . . . but the sound will not be so good.

  • Not with % accuracy.

    Midi is not a sound file, it’s a set of instructions to tell the computer to make music. Midi to MP is easy because the computer just follows the instructions, and it records the actual sound the computer makes. MP to Midi is harder, and any program that takes MP and changes it to midi would have to use a sound file that is only a single line, and the quality of the midi transcription would really vary depending on the sound file. any variation in tempo would throw the whole thing even more off.

    So, the practical answer is no. Anything that would claim to convert MP to Midi would be so inaccurate it wouldn’t even be worth it. Try learning Finale or Sibelius. You can transcribe the part and then save it as a midi file.


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