I did ALL THE THINGS RIGHT!! But my Minecraft server won’t work! Why is this?

Everything is done. The IP address is funland.net but when i try to connect it doesn’t work! I did all the things in server.properties and Minecraft_server() are all done! I can do commands but i just can’t get on the server!!! If you wanna try it you can! (I BOUGHT THE GAME)

If you and you’re friends wanna try GO AHEAD! On the server.properties i set Online=true but it STILL WON’T WORK!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


I think it may the IP address. I’ve changed it about times. But everytime i can’t go on and Minecraft_Server() crashes. Is this ok?

✅ Answers

  • Did you check your internal and external IP?

    did you change in the server.properties the Server-IP= (THIS MUST not be changed)

    did you port forward to your computers internal IP?

    what Domain company are you using?

    or i may be a fire wall issue

    i had a issue where the firewall was blocking people from the server, so try add to the allowed connections in the firewall pref’s and any other software in use.

    or you may not have a dedicated ip and the ip is constantly changing.

    if still got problems send me the sever log file.

  • Did you create a DHCP reservation in your router for the game server?

  • did you port forward correctly and ensure its allowed through the firewall

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