I Need New Books To Read.?

I’m a crazzy book nerd and I’m out of books?! My favorite series is vampire academy, and my favorite book is the host (amazing books fer sure!) Does anyone have any ideas for me??


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  • If you liked The Host (one of my favorites too), you might like Delirium by Lauren Oliver It’s a futuristic book where love is considered a disease and when you turn you have to be cured and it’s the summer before Lena’s cure. There’s also Divergent by Veronica Roth, it’s another futuristic book where Chicago is split into factions where they can only think one specific way and it revolves around a girl Tris picks a faction called Dauntless which favors bravery. And another good series is Need by Carrie Jones. It’s a girl Zara who discovers something….I don’t wanna give anything in that one away haha. I hope you like them!

  • The Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer

    (There are… books in this series with an th coming out in November)

    Poison Study

    Magic Study

    Fire Study (all three Study books by Maria Snyder)

    Percy Jackson by Rick Rioridan

    (I thought these would be too “little” for me since I started this when I was but the characters and story grow up as the books go on so it’s really great)

    I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I Have To Kill You

    (I can’t remember who writes these but there’s also other books in this series)

    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

    (This book is fantastic! It’s so good! I loved reading it, it combines vampires and history and gives a whole new reasoning for different events in history).

    Any Sarah Dessen books are good ones to read.

    I have read a ton of books and I suddenly cannot remember more than these, so I hope I gave you a good start 🙂

  • Fifty Shades of Grey is horrible don’t be fooled.

    I like both those book/series.


    Rot and Ruin


    Sweet Evil

    Chaos Walking Trilogy

    Reasons Why(every teen should read)

    Before I Fall

    The Gemma Doyle Trilogy

    Bloodlines(if you haven’t read already)

    Anna Dressed in Blood

    When the Sea is Rising Red

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  • Battle Royale

    Ways to live forever

    The Giver

    Vampire High



    Source(s): I love to read,I spend most my hours reading

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  • Some great steampunk/sci-fi/fantasy ones you might like:

    Harry Potter (series by JK Rowling)

    Pendragon (series by DJ MacHale)

    The Hunchback Assignments (book by Arthur Slade)

    A Wrinkle in Time (book by Madeline L’Engle)

    Leviathan (series by Scott Westerfield)

    Hoot (book by Carl Hiaasen)

    The Ranger’s Apprentice (series by John Flanagan)

    Maximum Ride (series by James Patterson)

    The Seems (series by John Hulme and Michael Wexler)

    Savvy (series by Ingrid Law)

    some of the best dystopian ones:

    The Hunger Games (series by Suzanne Collins)

    Uglies (series by Scott Westerfield)

    The Giver (book by Lois Lowry)

    The Lost Conspiracy (book by Frances Hardinge)

    Ender’s Game (series by Orson Scott Card)

    Some older but even better dystopian books:

    Nineteen Eighty-Four (book by George Orwell)

    Lord of The Flies (book by William Golding)

    Fahrenheit (book by Ray Bradbury)

    Source(s): Read all of these and loved them 🙂

  • Morganville Vampires

    Hush Hush series

    Vampire diaries

    Along for the ride

    The notebook

    The lucky one

    Before i die

    The beautiful dead series


    Mercy wolves series( linger, shiver, forever)

    Safe haven

    You against me


    Harry potter

    Evermore series

    Just listen



    Dirty angels

    The truth about forever

    Dear John

    reasons why

    My Sisters keeper

    The Shopholic series

    Angus thongs and perfect snogging

    North of beautiful

    Someone like you

    The mortal instruments

    That summer

    The secret circle

    Hope I helped:)

    Source(s): / of my bookshelf:)

  • I dont know exactly how old you are…. but if you’re “mature” enough, then i definitely suggest you read the shades of grey trilogy by E. L. James. It’s amazing!!

    If you’re a little kid, then pretend i suggested that and read the Hunger Games or something

  • A song of Ice and Fire

    This is a series and it is AMAZING

    The first book is called ‘A game of thrones’

    You may be familiar with the TV show (which is also amazing) However its not for kids.

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  • hunger games

    the devil wears prada

    size not fat


    teen idol


    gossip girls

    priness diaries

  • goosebumps

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