I need to learn C inside out?!?

i know the very very basics like some syntax and algorithms but i wanna learn all commands and do hard core programming from creating a calculator to image processing. Please suggest a book(available in India) which teaches everything. C, %. or as much as possible.

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  • C is a simple language who’s syntax can be learned in a day (if you have experience with other languages.)

    If you are learning programming I would say under hours of work would be needed to understand the C language to a high degree. Some of it has to be learned by making mistakes and learning from them (such as pointers – most people will struggle with them at first.)

    Learning the standard C library will take more time, especially if new to programming. Even after learning the standard C library, you don’t “know it all” because you don’t know how to interface with the operating system, such as the ‘s of UNIX calls you could learn to do anything you can imagine doing in a console app. You don’t usually go out of your way to learn stuff like that until you have to. Took me years to learn a good chunk of the available UNIX C libs, such as threads, sockets, memory management, etc.

    And if you learned all that, you still can’t write a GUI, for example with MFC. I don’t suggest it, as it’s painful. C#.NET with forms makes more sense for GUI work, IMO.

    By the way, it’s better to learn C++ from the start as it can do everything C can do and more, and is almost a superset.

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    As for books, with C, so much stuff is online, I see no need for a book. Goggle C tututorials

  • Let Us C by Yashavant Kanetkar is really good book to study C programming language


    It’s pages long book and is cheaply priced at Rs. /-

  • Read linux kernel.


    And maybe some device driver source codes.

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