I want to be a female pilot! any good uni suggestion?


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    There is no pilot university but in the UK there is a school that works like a University, You stay there, its a year course, in that course you learn to be a pilot and at the end you are very likely to get a job with an airline, the course is pricey but might be worth a look. Oxford aviation

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  • US Air Force Academy?

    There’s no such thing as a Pilot University…you get a Pilot’s license from air schools.

  • now to not insult the pilots of that US airways flight, besides the indisputable fact that the helpful effect of that flight had a lot extra to do with success than means in flying the plane. All pilots, male or lady, could understand what to do. the priority is water landings are very risky and there is distinct success in touch by surviving it. As for male vs lady pilots, it would not count number. one could be in simple terms very nearly as good as the different.

  • I know the university of north Dakota has a class just for that.

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