If you could go back in time and grab one item from there ,what would it be?


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    if i could go back in past, i dont get anything. i just want to have a hug to my little brother that die when i was grade . i cant remember his face, we doesnt own his picture. im still hurt and sad that i cant remember if i hug him when his a live. i miss him so bad.

  • For me it would also be a toy. I had a wooden submarine that shot a wooden torpedo at a wooden ship. There was a target on the side of the ship that was attached to a mousetrap spring. When the torpedo hit the target, the ships top deck would fly off.

  • My little mermaid barbie doll that had glitter eyebrows and a tail too. That use to be my favourite barbie doll and my second favourite was the talking barbie doll where you press the button and she talks 😀

    I use to have lots of barbie dolls and a barbie house and a barbie jeep lol 😀

  • Keys to Fort Knox

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  • Brad Pits face

  • My favorite shoes:)

    Btw nice doll.

  • Two things that my mother threw away when I went out of state to school for yrs. My record collection and art portfolio.

  • My hockey cards in which my brother in law burnt just to piss me off.

    Estimated value was about , dollars and that was back in the late ‘s.

  • I would grab myself, and be my own greatest teacher and parent possible for myself as I have never had proper education or guidance from my parents (who fought constantly and left me as a psychological social anxiety freak/loser with no future)

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  • My doll. It was broken by my brother too 🙁

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