Whenever i unlock and slide my sidekick g i always end up on a message draft and i cant get out of it?


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    Press the middle button to bring you back to the main page. Then click whatever application you want to use.

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    how can i fix my internet and mms on nexus s?

    Answers Favorite Answeryou need to fix the APNs in the settings/wireless & networks/mobile network and then set the add the new correct APNs. Contact sprint and tell them that you need the proper APNs for your phone and they should give them to you. Or you can google sprint APN for your phone and try some them answers

    How could i program my rca to my tv without the codes?

    Answers Favorite AnswerGet the codes and instructions from the RCA website.Source(s): http://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/

    Black ops midnight release?

    Should i go to this if i preordered the game already? Im planning on skippig school to play te game the day it comes out.. If you do not recommend me to go, what time should i go get my game?If you've already Pre-ordered there isn't any point going to midnight release (unless the place where you preordered from tells you that you must go to the shop to get the game)Also, if you get the game midnight, play for an hour or two then get some sleep and don't miss school (as the weekend is only a few days off from release) I made the mistake of missing school for the midnight release of the first Black Ops and I got a ton of detentions and had to copy up a TON of work so really if you miss school you actually get less time to play (due to you then having to copy up schoolwork and homework etc.)Hope this helped, oh and enjoy the game (I'll be posting quite a bit on my youtube channel once my PVR arrives as my old AverMedia just broke)Go to the midnight release, play for an hour or two, then go to Read more

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