illicit/forbidden books?

I am looking for books about illicit/forbidden romance, affair, obsession… wherever you know what I mean.

I am really into themes about teacher-student relationships and underage girl/older men relationships. I just love to read how a forbidden romance develop and what leads to it.

So far I read:

teach me by R.A Nelson (I love it)

Innocents by Cathy coote (so so)

Taming the beast by Emily Maguire (A little too much lol)

Boy toy by Barry Lyga ( excellent)

A season of eden by J.M. Warwick and Jennifer Laurens (I read it times)

Stolen by Lucy Christopher ( Great )

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma ( somewhat disturbing but understandable due to the situation)

Flanders Point by Jacquie Gordon

I hate vampires and all that crap so pleas don’t mention the vampire academy!!

soooooo you guys have any suggestion?

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  • the pretty little liars series has a student-teach relationship. Also Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver has brief situation of the same sort

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