In NBA Draft, why do some teams trade the rights for their draft picks for draft rights later on in the draft?

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  • Because usually trades will go like this.

    Say it was the Nets and Rockets. the nets really want Trevor Ariza so they might give away their top pick and Rafer Alston to the rockets for Trevor Ariza and a draft pick in which will probably be lower than it was in .

    Its what teams in the nba want and what they are willing to give up.

  • What?this is impossible…

    The trade deadline is week after the all-star game, so no team knows the order of the lottery even if a team has the worst record which means the better chances for the st pick the lottery doesn’t always gives the st pick to the worst record and there are a lot of games till the lottery. by saying this you can understand that there is no way a team can trade the draft pick after knowing the draft lottery order.

    Also why would a team trade the st round number – pick for a pick or nd round..they ain’t idiots.

    The only way i can think is before the season starts they trade their draft pick for a good player and another draft pick thinking that they are gonna be good the upcoming season but they don’t so they have already trade their good draft pick for a worse.

  • That’s just because they want the other player in the trade now. Its mainly for the financial stuff

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