Is Badoer F Team real?? the web address is Someone please answer!!!!?

I saw this site on frejects and i want to know if its real…

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  • I think it is. I went to the official press release


  • It’s fake, why oh why would they not only have the car design out in public (BTW thats a photoshopped Force India to start with) why would they have a car ‘ready’ when really there isn’t a Championship yet, at least not in terms of regulations…

    This is some fans weird kinky dream… as much as I love the idea myself!!

    Source(s): Harley Drive: Why oh why do you insist on sounding like a crazed conspiracy theorist… I think you should be impartial or keep your frankly incredulous views to yourself!

  • I seriously doubt it. I mean Badoer really? They have a car design up on there. How can you start to design a car when you don’t have any kind of offical entry, regulations could change next year etc. That design looks like the VJM…

    So many basic things could tell you that the website is fake. Especially if it was on frejects…

  • formula one racing is a private billion dollar company owned by bernie ecclestone and some other investors it is not a genuine FIA racing formula, most of what you read is hype and bernie can do pretty much what he likes regarding teams, drivers and results, all the fines go into a central fund and are redistributed to the teams so they are nothing like you may think they can manufacture teams out of nowhere and even make them win from nothing(brawn) when they win too easily or too obviously they suddenly stop winning because it is no good having the “world” champion decided by june they want the series to go to the end so they don’t win again until the end of the year . What a lucky co-incidence! moving a driver from brawn to (say) ferrari is like moving a manager from accounting to marketing in a normal company it’s no big deal.

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  • Looks fake.

  • Indeed fake

  • Fake. If that was true that would be a nightmare.

  • what do u mean!!!!

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