I can’t find my talent? help?

I just can’t seem to find my talent. I am a year old female, I am terrible at sports, singing, dancing. I just need some advice

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  • Don’t worry, some people are just not good at anything. I can tell you because the WHOLE of my class is like that.

    It’s absolutely normal, I can reassure you.

  • Everyone has some sort of talent. It just takes some looking to find it. Me for example, I suck at singing, dancing, and lots of other things, but over the past couple of years ive discovered im a beast at thing id have never imagined. You have many talents. You just have to look to find them. try new hobbies or things like that.

  • Not again, please… not again.

    You are just not looking far and wide enough to see what is out there to experience.

    Academics suggest, but life offers it all.

    You interests and what you put into them in time and application (work) will eventually show you what you can even enjoy, expand and become good at during the process.

    Even, find enjoyment, contentment and your own personal level of defined success.

    Which will wipe away your feelings of adolescent inadequacies.

    Make it to , and see if you still ask the same question.

    Source(s): years guitar and keyboard player, here (college, English & Art majors, retired commercial artist, animal lover, widower, audiophile, woodworker and good barbeque cook) piano and organ with a small home recording studio

  • Maybe that’s not your thing but I bet there’s tons of things in the world you’ll be good at, you just haven’t found it.

    Oh and don’t just give up because your not amazing to start with.

    Your performance will improve with practise. Xxxxc

  • Have you tried more unusual things like :

    Hairdressing , textiles , computing , DJing , photography , modelling , make up , interior designing , science , a subject at school , writing , card making

    Hope this helps !

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