What is poetry? How can I get better at it?

I write poetry and some tend to think that it doesn’t have enough emotion in it, so can anyone give me a real answer?


Here is a sample from a poem I wrote this is the end of it

I wrap the rosary around my hand I pray, thanks for giving me today

Also, hope I can have many tomorrows, gosh that almost sounds as If I’m humble

Haven’t felt that in years a genuine happy, how many can say they woke up this morning?

Give thanks for today, you don’t know what you have until its taken away.

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  • To me, poetry is a creative way of expressing thoughts/emotions/etc. It simply comes naturally to some (including myself), but here’s what you can do to add depth to your own work.

    – Extend your vocabulary. You can do this by reading a lot more, or getting a thesaurus. What I do, is when I choose a word, I consult the thesaurus and see if there’s anything that conveys my message more effectively or is easier to rhyme. This is how I got a college-grade reading level by the sixth grade. A wide vocabulary REALLY comes in handy, especially when you want to sound pretty and poetic.

    – It also helps to write about something you’re passionate about. For example, I’m a Les Mis fan, so on June -, I ended up staying up till am to write a poem for Barricade Day. When you’re truly passionate about your topic, it will be easier to pour out your emotions about it.

    – Write when you are emotional. If you ever have a sudden burst of emotion/pride/etc., seize the moment and write about it. One of my friends was extremely upset about something, and while I was listening to her over the phone, a poem formulated itself in my mind. Emotion is (to me, at least) the best muse.

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    – Be imaginative. Let your mind “fly”. If you get inspiration, take it and run with it. Don’t let criticism stop you. That being said–

    – The only opinion that matters is your own. You’re expressing YOUR emotions. Nobody can tell you what to think or feel. This is all you.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Poetry is a medium in which individuals use to express particular emotions using guidelines or excluding guidelines. You can use alliteration, rhymes, connotation, and any other literary device. My advice to get better is to simply practice. Write what you see, feel, hear, ETC. With time you’ll get better as well as with maturity.

  • you can probably think about poetry as something beautiful that has to do with rhyming and combining of nature and stuff. you can get better at it by writing and stuff like that

  • its your inner quality you can write when u feel it and when you are emotional secondlly read poetic devices you then you can write better poems

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