is it ok if i do this? :P?

So… i really like the lion king movies… how about i write the same kind of thing, but like the lions are humans and they live in a different environment? is it okay?

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  • As long as you change it enough (ie. names, places, identifying events), then it should be fine. Sounds like a cool idea. Good luck! Take care. 🙂

  • That’s what Disney did. They got The Lion King story from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

    You can write a story with a similar idea, but you cannot use quotes from the movie even if you change them a little bit. That would be plagiarism.

  • that’s confusing.

    Like…you want to have a group of people living together under one house? Or using different animals, or what??

    Like Animal Farm? Where it’s a farm and pigs are the supposed rulers or something?? Try to broaden your explanation.

    It’s weird.

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